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Curious about mushroom foraging? In this first-of-its kind foraging story, we follow a young Vermont boy and his four-legged pal, Buddy, to hunt edible mushrooms through lush woodland landscapes. We find morels in springtime, chanterelles and lobster mushrooms in summer, and black trumpets in autumn.




34th Annual IBPA Benjamin Franklin Awards 2023 Gold Winner - BEST NEW VOICE: CHILDREN'S/YOUNG ADULT

Mason Goes Mushrooming is the perfect book for this moment. A boy and his dog teach us the basics of foraging in a fun and beautiful picture book.
- Nancy Braus, Owner, Everyone's Books, Brattleboro, VT
Mason Goes Mushrooming is an engaging children’s story that teaches about the adventure and fun of foraging in the woods and covers several science standards, such as biodiversity, structure and function, information and processing, and ecosystems. The watercolor illustrations by Ellen Korbonski are beautiful and imaginative. Foraging for mushrooms also teaches mindfulness. When searching for mushrooms, you focus and slow down.
- Eva Gordon, THE MYCOPHILE magazine of NAMA
Mason’s enthusiasm for collecting mushrooms is palpable. After his mushrooming adventures, he’s pictured with one adult inspecting the finds and then cooking: a morel omelet, pasta with chanterelles, lobster sauté, and crispy black trumpet chips. Korbonski’s watercolor illustrations are evocative. 
- Mahnaz Dar, Young Readers' Editor, Kirkus Reviews
Mason Goes Mushrooming captures the wonderful experience of
mushroom hunting, a magic that touches both children and adults. 
- Eugenia Bone, Author, Mycophilia, and the Fantastic Fungi Community Cookbook
I love Mason Goes Mushrooming, reminding me of the wonder of the forest, more importantly, my 2 and 4 year old sons love it too.
 - Eben Bayer, CEO and Co-Founder of Ecovative, mycelium materials pioneer.
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